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Holy ads batman.

Hadnt installed this in a long time. But recently tried again. Its absurd the number of intrusive ads per amount of play time. And asking me if I want to use a bomb the split second the image to guess finishes? No thanks.



love it

so fun!!! i have played this game for so long and i enjoy it lots.

Draw something

My game is stuck with a picture I drew but the letters are not correct to solve puzzle. What can I do?

Pretty good

I really like this app. I feel its more cooperative than most games. The things I dont like are small. Its hard to resign games until it is the other persons turn. You have to play your turn even if you know you dont want to play with that person anymore. The screens where you could actually message someone are up to click on or read go by so quick that you either cant catch it to write, or you cant read more than 3-4 words. Some of the word combos to choose are a bit ridiculous. Some of them arent even words. The thing you have to live with is you may be playing someone who is a very different level than yourself either drawing wise, or vocabulary wise, or just in cultural references. I live in America and get drawings from Europeans that only make sense once I figure out that they are not American. Also age differences can give different meanings to things. I see bad spelling holding people back a lot. It would be cool if the letters that are correct would "lock in" to make guessing a bit easier for the dyslexics among us. The only thing I truly dislike is when others are playing with a phone instead of a tablet. The drawings with the phones are very crude because of the small screen size. This leads to people just writing the word out instead of drawing like the game should be played. What is the point of that?

Draw free

This game is awwwwwwwwsome

Fun, But Has One Big Flaw

I enjoy playing this from time to time, but good lord it gets annoying when a message comes to my phone saying "Hurry up and draw" over and over and over. Because of this, Im uninstalling the app.

Great app!

Draw free is an awesome app... this is when I can use it. I cant have it opened for more than a minute or two without it crashing and at the moment I cant open it without it crashing before it even loads. I love this app but I want to be able to use it.

Good But One Flaw :P

The app is awesome, but there is one flaw to it! I have an iPhone 4, so this might not apply to everybody. When somebody sends me a picture, and I guess it right, when it is time for me to draw something, the whole screen turns blue! Please change it!! :)


Really fun app!


I love the fact I can play with my friends!

Why is it doing this.

This game is fun other than i sent a request to my friending Facebook and he clicked on it and set up an account and IT WONT LET EITHER OF US ADD EACH OTHER AND IT KEEPS DOING THE SAME THING BY NOT LETTING US ADD PEOPLE

Cool game

I play with my family and it is funny seeing how bad they draw.

Best shooter game ever

The game beats call of duty!!

Great but

Great game super fun. My only complaint is I turned off notifications and still getting some not sure how to make it go away.


Fun !!!


This is the best thing Ive ever played!! You should get it.

Good Job

You should get this app. It is incredible and fun


As much as I like playing this game with my friends and family, it has been glitching nonstop. For example, when Im in the middle of drawing a line or object it will slide over and messes the whole thing up. Or it will be just how I want it when I send it and when the person receives it they cant make out what it is because of the glitching. This isnt happening to just me, its been almost my whole family having this issue. Overall, I love playing the game!

Tax Commissioner

Love this game!

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