Draw Something Classic App Reviews

235 add

Draw free

Funny game

Addictiv drawing

Funny (to much asvert ;-)


Muito bom.


Best ever

Just love it!

Amazing, clever, entertaining!


Otimo to have fun with amigos!!

Very Cool

Very Cool

Does not open

Since the last iOS update it doesnt open anymore.

Not bad actually

As i said, mit bad actually

Draw Free

Total cool. Hard part is finding a long term challenger :)




Game deletes drawings in progress if you arent careful and dont keep the app open all the time. Also deleted and hinted letters reset often in that case, but bombs arent restored if that happens.

Requires registration?

No thanks!

Nice Game / Lots of Commercial Adds

Nice Game / Lots of Commercial Adds But makes Fun!

Like it

Id like to have a blending tool to smudge colors for a better drawing experience.

Too many ads

Way too many apps - no way to purchase it away. App not worth all the waiting time - far better apps available

Its not the best game but its fun when you are bored

It is a three⭐️

Fun game

Fun game and never got any problem with the app

Please... Do fix bugs

Not fun to play lately, lot lot of bugs...mi just return to the free version as the one I PAID FOR JUST DOESNT WORK :(

Too many adds

Spend more time watching adds then playing the game. I get that its the free version but its a bit ridiculous.

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